16 December 2016

One Chapter Closes, Another Chapter Opens.

It has been such a long time since I chose my blog as a platform to express how I feel.

Approximately one year to be exact?

Anyhow, today marks an important day for me. I never knew it was this tough to let go of things I have been holding dearly - even it is for a short period of three months. I understand its weird for an intern to say, "I didn't know saying goodbye was this hard,". Unfortunately, that was the case for me. But I guess I was really blessed, to be able to work with so many amazing and talented individuals, supportive team members and to have a really passionate mentor and leader guiding me throughout these three months.

I still remember vividly on the beginning of the September when I was arranged for an interview.

I screwed up the interview initially for turning up late - it was unintentional as there were things that came up all of a sudden on the morning itself. But the interview process was a breeze and what not. But when it comes to the job scope part and when my interviewer put on a serious face, it was nerve-wrecking. And right after the interview, I asked myself,

"Did I just sign up for hell?"

Looking back, I was glad to answer myself a big no. Despite the frictions, conflicts, stressful amount of work and what not, it was definitely a learning curve for me. And probably the most memorable one as well.

So I guess its time for me to close this chapter and move on to the next one.

I wonder what's next for me?

13 July 2015

Inner Paradigm Shift

I guess I have changed quite a lot compared to what I was and who I was before. I'd like to think the transformation is for the better, and not for the worse.

2015 is definitely a year which I never even planned of; with lots of unexpected surprises and experiences knocking on my door. This is the year in which I learn and face a lot; in-depth expansion on my financial education, utilizing my financial knowledge on real-life experiences, toppling over and stood up again, and unimaginary things took place. I guess this is also the year which I've really develop, seeing hidden opportunities and potential crisis. And lies beyond these obstacles, I see a clear vision of my goals and what I want to be, what I'd like to achieve. It feels so vivid and excruciatingly painful at times; because I decided to live a life of which not a lot of people in this world would not want to live in. As much as it sounds scary, but I know that every road to success isn't just all flowers, gold and a brisk breeze.

I know I can be whatever I want to be, as long as I have the heart and determination towards my goals. And it all starts with a change. A shift. A paradigm shift in your mentality. I know I can do it. I believe that I can do it.

Yes, I can do it. 

07 April 2015

[ADV] Confident Locks with Tsubaki

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored advertorial.

Hello loves! I guess it’s hard to deny that appearance is very crucial, especially if you’re a lady. First impression do affects how people react and behave towards you, so why not make the first impression a good one? :D

As much as our facial features play an important role in making our first impression significant, I personally believe that our hair also contributes in scoring good looks as well! I get really, really, insecure whenever my hair feels so dry, flat and dull I’m not even kidding AHAHA.

To get healthy-looking, shiny locks for a long term, first of all, you must know how to treat and care for your hair. Unlike many shampoo in the market, Tsubaki is a premium hair care brand in Japan by Shiseido. It’s the only brand that has Camellia Oil as one of its exquisite ingredients. There are only two countries in this world that has this oil; China and Japan, where Japan has been providing the finest Camellia for 140 years.

Tsubaki, which is also written as つばきin Japanese, literally means Camellia Flower. They promise moisturized and shiny hair is achievable upon proper usage. I’ve received my Tsubaki Shining Hair Shampoo, Tsubaki Shining Hair Conditioner and Tsubaki Shining Hair Mask! :)


In this post, I’ll tell you lovelies how and why Tsubaki’s products can work! For a really long-lasting yet quality shine, Tsubaki believes that it has to start from the inner beauty and hence, Tsubaki’s Shining range series contains a melanin reparative ingredient which is also known as arginine.

This key ingredient is really crucial in giving our hair an internal shine property for arginine aids in repairing the melanin hole in our hair to allow light to be reflected evenly. Not only that, the signature ingredient of Tsubaki’s products; Camellia Oil, contains a shine sensor mechanism that provides an external shine to each strands of our hair; which dramatically improves hair shininess and smoothness, leaving our flocks shiny from the inside out.

This is me and my sad face and my sad hair because it is very dry, flat-looking, dull and super hard to manage *sobssss* And the fact that we live in the Equator - no four seasons but only sun and rain 24/7 – we are constantly exposed to UV rays which makes our hair extremely dry and easily damaged. Here’s a close-up pic of my sad hair *sobssss*


See what I mean? T_____________T

The most basic three-step hair care treatment:-
1. Shampoo
2. Condition
3. Treatment


Usually, I’d double wash my hair (yes, I shampoo my hair twice!) because the first wash is to remove any sort of oil and dirt from our hair surface whereas the second wash is where I really let the properties of the shampoo to be absorbed into my hair. But with Tsubaki, I only have to shampoo my hair once, because at the first wash itself, it manage to get rid of the oil entirely without making my hair extremely dry; hence no need for double wash.

Girls, I don’t trust you if you say you do not use hair conditioner at all. AHAHAHA.

Hair conditioning is really important for the hair to regain back its original structure and nutrients. Especially in Malaysia, our hair is continuously exposed to the extremely hot and humid weather which makes our hair gets super oily at the scalp, very dry at the tip and this might lead to breakouts and splits.

The final step is treatment. To me, this is that ONE step which is so so important that I never ever skip every single time I wash my hair. And I always bring my hair masque with me every single time I travel around because treatment is equally important in regaining back a shiny, healthy hair.


I’m currently using Tsubaki’s Head Spa range before I received this parcel from Tsubaki Malaysia. I personally am very contented with the Head Spa range hehehe. So this is my first time using Tsubaki’s Shining range. After my first complete three-step wash, I am extremely in love with the aftereffect! My hair feels soft, manageable and much more moisturized than before. You can also see the shine itself while you’re washing your hair! While having the conditioner or hair mask on, just slightly lift your hair and you can see that any light that hits on your hair will be reflected back which shows that Tsubaki Shining series really does work!
Unless if you’re bathing in a dark bathroom then no hahahaha :P

I also love the fragrance the Tsubaki Shining Shampoo itself carry, it wasn’t musky or anything too heavy, and the light fragrance lingers on your hair after wash. It made my hair feeling so much lighter and gave it a healthy shine from inside out!


My uber smooth and healthy-shine hair after wash! :D Here’s a close up pic of it hehe!


Compared to before, my hair isn’t that dry and frizzy anymore. You can also achieve shining hair like mine by following all the three steps using Tsubaki’s Shining range I’ve mentioned earlier :)

Frankly, I cannot think of any disadvantages about Tsubaki’s hair products because I’ve been using their products for almost half a year and I was already on my second purchase when I received this full set of Tsubaki Shining range. Come to think of it, I guess the main reason why I first bought Tsubaki is because of Kiko Mizuhara as their brand ambassador AHAHAHA. But ever since then I have not change to any other brands because the quality met my expectations.

One last pic, I promise hahahaha!


You can head over to any of the nearest outlets stated above to take a look at Tsubaki’s complete range and purchase yours! :)


Radiate that positive vibe and flaunt that shiny hair of yours confidently with Tsubaki.

For more info, kindly head over to Tsubaki Malaysia’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/tsubaki.my


18 March 2015

Eat // Sleep // Work Out // Repeat

Whaddupppppp peopleeee. This blog here looks really delapidated haha. I just sort of wanna take a break from blogging and stuff. But I guess I'm trying to get back into the habit again? Haha.
So, although my blog was inactive, but I am quite active on other social media platform I think? Twitter and Instagram to be exact LOL. I've revamped my blog this time, to a very clean and white look. I'm trying to improvise the layout and other petty little things which requires Photoshop and stuff but for now, I'll settle down with this layout first AHAHA.
Alright, this is getting pretty pointless.
I've nothing much to rant right now, but I'll talk about my current dig; working out.

Body goalsssssss ❤️
Come to think of it, it's been almost 11 months since I first started with all these crazy workout routines and such. I couldn't really recall why I wanted to gym but I remember getting disappointed at myself because I used to be so active in sports back in high school and once I got into college, I just. Meh.
It all started off with no clear goals, objectives, or whatsoever; I just wanted back my healthy lifestyle. And then, I guess I got even more obsessed with workouts when I got depressed and devastated LOL. Here's the thing, I don't know why but whenever I'm feeling down, my heart and soul will automatically crave for workout lol wtf I am not even kidding. Even up till today AHAHA.
Gradually, I came to realize that with proper workout and determination, I can also achieve a nice body figure too yabiiii.
What you really need is not a strong body, but a strong mentality.
I have friends who wished they could have it fit, flat, and lean. Were extremely motivated at start, but then, halfway through, the motivation sort of died. I am not trying to say that I am very strong or I did not give up or whatsoever, but I understand how it feels. The point is, you have to know what your goals really are and ask yourself how bad do you want to achieve that goal body.
And that's what that makes me keep going up till today.
Well, I'm not exactly that lean yet. And recently, my workout time is extremely fucked due to assignments hahaha. But I'm getting back on track and hopefully, this time, my persistence will be stronger than ever. I mean, I remembered how my routines are when I started off. I was so weak due to long inactivity that I could only survive 20 squats per set and 30 sit-ups and only could complete like, two sets? And then, I kept challenging myself; I lengthen the workout time, weight, number of reps and etc.

This was before I started working out; taken on last year's CNY season.

I have other embarrassing pictures too but I'm not willing to share it so yeah AHAHAHAHA.

About 8 months of hard work. The results aren't that visible and I did not really eat clean and stuff at first but I'm glad I did not give up at all.
It's all about the effort. If you really set your mind to it, you can achieve it.
At least, that is what I believe in.

The most recent pic of my ongoing ab-brewing AHAHA.
Well, I hope this short post would at least lead a spark in you guys, or if you would really like to know more on my fitness and stuff, do drop a comment and I'll gladly help! :)
Thanks for reading, loves!
You deserve nothing but the best.


20 October 2014

[ADV] Jone's April Accessories

Hello loves! I'm finally back and this time, I'm going to introduce you guys to this really really cute online store namely Jone's April. They're focusing mainly on women accessories and caters a huge variety of them such as bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, watches and even hair accessories!
Before going further, Jone's April is actually an online accessory store that sells top fashion accessories all the way from South Korea. So why choose Jone's April? Simple. Because they have quality control, a friendly customer service and also quantity control. Quality control as in the quality of each and every product becomes their main concern and they treat all of their customers as VIPs. If you need assistance while shopping with Jone's April, you can immediately contact them and they'll provide the best support you can find online. Not only that, all of Jone's April products are limited edition, they rarely do re-stocks so each customers own unique products to themselves!
One good thing I must praise Jone's April is that I love how my items all managed to safely reach my doorstep. My items are all seperately packed, in a black velvety pouch respectively. And each black pouch are placed into a bubble envelope according to the sizes of each accessory. Finally the bubble envelopes are fit into my parcel. That makes double protection towards my items!
Alright, enough with the talk, check out some of my Jone's April accessories! 

1. Vintage Charm Bracelet
This charm bracelet gives off this very antique yet vintage feeling. Each of the charms on this bracelet is just too cute, especially the mirror and the frog charm! Hahaha. I like how the hook of this bracelet makes it easier to wear and remove it whenever I want. This bracelet is super lightweight too!! I know its unbelievable, as in the picture it looks tad heavy with a total of 10 charms on it but trust me, it's actually really light upon wearing them. The only thing about it is it's a bit dangly though but it stays securely on my wrist all thanks to it's convenient hook.
2. Jeweled Crown Ring
Embrace your inner royalty with Jone's April Crown Rings. For my case, mine is the Jeweled Crown Ring and I absolutely love how feminine this ring is and the jewels blend nicely with the rose gold colour of the ring. Easy to mix and match with my outfits and accessorize myself without any hassle! It was tad too small for me though and it could only fit my pinky finger, but the ring is just too darling. Ladies with tiny fingers might want to score this, it'll definitely look sweet on the ring finger!
The Vintage Charm Bracelet and Jeweled Crown Ring from Jone's April. Gold Anchor Ring (middle) and Moschino Glamour EDP belongs to owner and is used for display purposes only.

What's good about Jone's April is that they sell all these pretty accessories at a really affordable price, especially because they're Korean goods. Best of all is they're all ready stocks, which means once you place your order, you'll receive it almost immediately (depending on your location, of course). In my case, I receive my parcel in within three working days and they have a very interactive customer support in which you can enquire about your orders.
Did I mention that they have a huge array of feminine accessories too? If you're looking for something cute, chic, stylish and yet reasonably priced, you guys might want to check out Jone's April and fall in love with their new stocks like I do. And here are some of my favorite products they have in-stores! 
See what I mean? How can one does not fall in love with such pretty accessories? And can you actually believe if most of the items are priced less than RM50?
Simply head over to Jone's April website to get more of these pretty little things!

Or you can directly contact Jone's April via call/text/whatsapp (+601128206913) or email them at (ijonesapril@hotmail.com) and they'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Get quick updates and buzz from Jone's April latest new arrivals from their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jonesaprilmalaysia) or Instagram (http://instagram.com/jonesaprilaccessory).
And that's it for today, loves! I'll update more often! <3
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


29 June 2014

[REVIEW] Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in #03 Pink White

Hi guys! Another make-up review from me this time hehehe :D
Are you excitedddd as I am? Hahaha! I really love experimenting and trying out new products. It's like revealing mysteries and secrets of a specific product lollll.  So, today I'll be reviewing on Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in #03 Pink White.

I personally really do have high expectation towards Kiss Me products since I've used most of their eye makeup products before (mascara, eyeliner and also false lashes) and I have to admit it's quality and aftereffect amazed me that it became a staple of my makeup routine. Kiss Me is also originated from Japan but you can check out their products in selected SaSa and Watsons Store in Malaysia!

There's three different types of eyeliners from Kiss Me's Shiny Jewel Eyeliner range. These eyeliners contains glitters that adds sparkle to one's eyes upon application. Shiny Black (#01) and Shiny Brown (#02) has a bold color to create an impactful eyes whereas the Shiny Pink White (#03) is suitable to achieve the sweet and innocent look. Did I mention that I'll be reviewing the Shiny Pink White eyeliner? Hehehehe.

So this is how the packaging of the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner in Pink White looks like. This eyeliner is supposed to be applied on the lower eyelid are for a fuller-looking eye bags hence creating a sweet and young look. Think of 'aegyo-sal' (eye bags in Korean) and how Korean girls love to make their eye bags super visible haha. This is such my MUST HAVE item since I really cannot live without emphasizing my aegyo-sal. I am born with tiny eyes and that's why aegyo-sal is vital to me as it makes my eyes appear larger and 3D-ish. I know it sounds weird, AHAHA but I literally mean it.

Okay, jom, let's start our review time!

I opened the bottle and was surprised to find out that it's brush is super duper ultra thin. Good enough since it's much easier to apply using a thin brush.

And then I swipe a stroke of the Shiny Pink White on my hand twice.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliners contains three types of beauty essences which are collagen, sodium hyaluronate and chamomile extract. The glitters aren't really visible in the picture above as it was taken under room lighting. But once smeared while freshly applied, trails of glitters can be really obvious. And now, it's hands-on experiment time! :D

Can see any difference in both eyes a not? I think that the Shiny Pink White eyeliner isn't really obvious on my eyelids since I have quite fair skin. And instead of drawing a line under my eyes, I decided to blend the eyeliner for a more subtle effect. What I did was I draw a stroke under my eyes, wait for about two seconds and lightly dab the eyeliner so it blends in well to my aegyo-sal. I also used it as an eye shadow for a shimmering effect!

So the left eye is without the Shiny Pink White eyeliner whereas the right eye is with the eyeliner. If you observe closely, trails of sheer glitters can be seen on my upper eyelids and my aegyo-sal is even more brighter compared to my left eye. I personally prefer to blend the eyeliner as it looks even more natural without being dramatic. I also used it to apply on the inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes look more 'awake' hehehe.

And next, I applied the eyeliner on both eyes in the close-up picture above. So once the eyeliner is completely dry after application, it feels as if there's a layer of invisible white shimmer eyeliner which stays intact on your eyes securely. This film type eyeliner is actually pretty good as it's resistant towards tears, sweat, sebum, and rubbing. I've tried to rub the eyeliner once it dries out but the eyeliner stayed adhere to my eyes. Now I'm not afraid of ruining my eye makeup hahahaha!! And it's super hassle-free to remove this eyeliner, all you need is lukewarm water to do the trick.

Try applying eye primer on your upper and lower eyelids before drawing the Shiny Pink White eyeliner on for a longer-staying and visible effect. Apply the eyeliner several times and dab it lightly to achieve a brighter and more striking results to make your aegyo-sal even more outstanding :D

The key is to not overdo your makeup as aegyo-sal are supposed to be naturally emphasized and not dramatically done as what we're aiming for it the sweet and innocent look. I also realized that I can also use this Shiny Pink White eyeliner to highlight my facial features such as my nose bridge and cheeks since the sparkles are so natural yet such beautiful finishing!

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliners are retailed at RM 49.90 and is available in selected SaSa and Watsons Store. Do check out Kiss Me Malaysia's Facebook Page for further information and latest updates on their products!

What do you think of Kiss Me's Shiny Jewel Eyeliners? Comment below and do tell me what's your fav eyeliners too! I'd really love to check them out! Have a blessed day ahead, loves! xx

09 June 2014

[TUTORIAL] Sally Hansen's 6-Step Nail Care + Giveaway

This giveaway has already ended! Check out www.celyx.blogspot.com for chances to win more giveaways!

Haiiii everybody! Nail polish addicts, this post is for you girls out there ❤️ Today I'll be doing a tutorial on how to achieve clean and beautiful nails easily using Sally Hansen's products (I'm pretty sure everyone is fond of Sally Hansen right?) And the fun doesn't stop there, I'll be doing a giveaway on Sally Hansen's products so make sure you read word by word till the very end okay? Hehehe!

With all these easily-bought-over-the-counter Sally Hansen products, anyone can easily clean, correct, and care for their nails at home! Skip the hassle of booking an appointment or purposely driving out to your nearest nail center when you can be your own manicurist :D

I'd like to give a huge shoutout and deep appreciation to Sally Hansen Malaysia and also MANOAH Consulting for the entire set of Sally Hansen products you see above! Super ecstatic when I received them cuz I can't wait to try them out as I know Sally Hansen is really well-known for their excellence in quality.

Let's take a closer look on what Sally Hansen products you need to achieve a salon-perfect nails at home!


(left) Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (right) Instant Cuticle Remover

Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (left) is a quick dry, chip-resistant, shiny and thick top coat. It contains acrylic polymer complex that hardens and dries nail color in seconds. It's double UV filter also helps protect nail color from chipping or breaking. Whereas the Instant Cuticle Remover (right) is an advanced cuticle treatment and callus-busting gel. Containing chamomile and aloe conditions, it soothes and moisturizes our cuticles and nails at the same time upon application. 

(above) Sally Hansen Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover. Contains moisturizing formula for dry and brittle nails.


(left) Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil (right) Hard As Nails

Intensely moisturizing, Sally Hansen's Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil (left) contains apricot kernel, aloe and Vitamin E that softens cuticle, improves skin condition and cares dry and brittle nails. On the right is Sally Hansen's most basic and integral must-have item to achieve healthy nails; the Hard As Nails. Also known as nail clinic in a bottle, this nail hardener effectively helps in prevent chipping, splitting and cracking of nails. Made of unique film-formers, plasticizers and resins to strengthen, adhere, extra gloss for the nails. 


Above are the colours I've chose from Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat and Triple Shine range. I guess I am pretty into shades of blue and purple these days. Hahaha!

Alright, you guys ready for this simple and quick tutorial on How to Achieve a Salon-Perfect Manicure? :D

It is always important to remove long-dued nail polishes before applying a brand new layer of any kind of nail care. Long-dued nail polishes are bad for our nails because it tends to yellow our nails, leaving them brittle and easy to break. So I removed my overdue nail polishes with Sally Hansen's Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover. I love how fragrant this nail polish remover is!! It smells a little like passion fruit and it doesn't take much to remove my overdue nail polishes. Look how clean my nails became in just several swipe!

TADAA~~ Nice lehh?! So after removing your overdued nail polish, the second step is to remove dead skin and cuticles which are clumped on the surface of our nails.

Basically this is the sure must-have step even when you're doing your manicures at nail salon. It's pretty easy to remove cuticles using Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover. Open the cap and squeeze some of the cuticle remover gel onto nails. Leave it for about 15 seconds and gently push back using a pusher. Wash away excess immediately and thoroughly with warm, soapy water. It can also be used to remove calluses too. For calluses usage, leave gel for maximum one minute and remove it using the steps above.

Some people might think that removing cuticles are unnecessary, but do you know that if you do not remove your calluses and cuticles, the residue built will result in brittle, unhealthy-looking nails?

The third step before applying ANY nail colour is to apply the base coat first.

I am using Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails nail hardener for my base coat. I love how multi-functional Hard As Nails is, not only does it makes my nail colour lasts longer, it prevents my nail from turning yellowish and fragile. All the magical effects in one bottle!

This is how my nails look like after applying the three basic steps; treatment, strength, and growth.


For those who love nude nails, the three steps above is already enough to make your nails look super sexy with going overboard. Simple yet clean and healthy nails ❤️

So after the three basic steps, I'm gonna add some colours into my nails. I've opted for the Sally Hansen Triple Shine #280 Dive In. The colour is in a opaque yet beautiful turquoise shade.

I applied two layers of Sally Hansen Triple Shine #280 and it's enough for me since it's texture is rich and thick. 

The Triple Shine range is the newest colorful range brought to you by Sally Hansen. Inspired fresh from the runway, the Triple Shine range features 12 shine pop colours that caters women's need in search of versatile and long-lasting nail polishes. Made of the ultimate shield complex, the Triple Shine Nail Polishes consists of bio-sourced ingredients (such as natural crushed pearl, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Sea Kelp), vinyl silicone and patented gloss-tech brush.

Being pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polishes are your daily defense for your nails from water, detergent and daily wear. Also, the natural crushed pearl, sea kelp extract and vinyl silicone has the capability to deliver high impact, glossy colour with natural irisdescence. Plus, Sally Hansen's Patented Gloss-Tech brush is critical to perfectly thin coats that creates the ultimate smooth surface the reflect the light for maximum shine.

After the nail color is completely dry (do make sure each and every layers are completely dry before applying on the next one!), never forget to apply the top coat.

I'm using Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat. When they mean instant, they really mean it! This top coat dries in within 15 to 30 seconds and it carries a dual function of preventing our nail color to chip easily too.

After applying top coat, the final step is for the extra nourishment and protection for our nails.

I'm using Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil to nourish my nails. As the name suggests, since it's oil-based it is best to apply it after manicure OR remove it before applying manicure. This is because the nail lacquer will not be able to adhere on the oil treatment surface. So I apply my nail oil treatment right after my manicure :)

And after completing all six steps above, TADAA! How do you like nails now? Would you like to 'Dive In' with me? *wink* AHAHA! 

Good need guys! I'll be GIVING AWAY two bottles of Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polishes to two winners, and that lucky winner might be you! All it takes is only three simple steps to participate in this giveaway. 

1. Like Sally Hansen Malaysia FB Page (facebook.com/SallyHansenMalaysia)
2. Leave a comment below on why you deserve to win.
3. Include name, email, and your FB link in your comment.

Sounds really simple right? And the best part is, you get to pick your favourite shade/nail color!

I'll be announcing the winners on 27th June 2014 so keep your entries coming in ladies! Have fun and stay colorful ❤️